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    Manufacture of dies, tips and sheet metal cutting tools

    Our production specialises in the necessary tools used for minting, press components, etc. which are necessary to maintain an efficient production process. We use special steel blanks for the production of tools and components, harden the parts in vacuum and, if necessary, coat them with solid chromium, which increases resistance.


    Manufacture of metal prints and markers

    We custom-make high-quality metal prints and markers of various types: trademarks, company logos, texts indicating different information.


    Manufacture of small steel parts for businesses (subcontracting)

    We manufacture composite or individual product components from steel. We offer a package of production, assembly, packaging and logistics services. The following operations are performed:
    3D CNC milling
    Laser engraving
    3D cutter engraving
    Ultrasonic cleaning of parts
    Thermal hardening of parts in a vacuum
    Erosive burning

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